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Alteration Services 

Bridal & Formal Wear Alterations
Take in or let out waist & hips
Convert Zipper back to Corset Style back
Add Beading, Sequins or other Embellishments 
Dress lengthening and/or redesigning
Add Bust Enhancers or Gel cups
Add Bustles
...and more

All alteration quote prices along with an estimated completion time 
will be provided to you at the completion of a fitting.

Wardrobe Alterations
Basic Jean Hems 
Blind hems
Sleeve hems
Jacket sleeve hems lined or unlined
Take in or let out waist & hip area
Garment lengthening and/or redesigning
Fix Rips | Tears | Patching | Button repairs | 
Replace broken zippers
...and more

All alteration quote prices along with an estimated completion time
will be provided to you at the completion of a fitting.

Bridal Gown Re-Make Services
We offer complete re-making services for New, Old & Vintage Wedding Gowns.
Just book a fitting, bring in your gown & we will help you turn your vision into reality.

Bridal & Wardrobe Fittings
We offer a comfortable, relaxed environment with our one-on-one alteration specialist!

Bridal Gown & Bridal Gown Re-make Fittings should be booked at least 3-4 months prior to your wedding date for any alterations or custom design changes needed as there can be anywhere from 2-3 fittings.

Wardrobe fittings are booked on a daily basis.

During your fitting with our alteration specialist all your alterations needs will be discussed and all options will be provided.

Brides please make sure to come prepared with an idea of what alterations are needed and/or which direction you would like to go with your dress re-make. During your initial fitting with our re-make specialist we will discuss all of your design ideas and you will want to make sure to have a rough idea of your budget so we can make sure to give you the best possible options and create the best experience for you.

Make sure to bring your shoes with you, appropriate undergarments along with a hair-tie for those with long hair. For Brides, if you do not have the shoes you will be wearing on your wedding day you can bring something of similar height. As well many of our brides & grads request our gel cups instead of wearing a bra for ultimate comfort & they are always available at the boutique.

All alteration quote prices along with an estimated completion time 
will be provided to you at the completion of your fitting.


Please note: All Fitting appointments are with a one-on-one fit specialist and therefore you are booking the 'entire boutique' out when making your appointment as we are a Private Studio. We offer a 15 minute 'no charge' grace period for basic wardrobe alteration fittings, anything over is charged a minimum flat rate and is $25 by the half hour. All Bridal, Grad & Re-make Fittings are charged $25 by the half hour for fitting time as it is a large time slot that gets booked out for these fittings. We can not guarantee how long fittings will take as every garment & appropriate recommendations vary, therefore please come prepared for your fitting & we will do our best to complete your fitting in a timely manner!

Complimentary and generally last anywhere from 30-60 minutes.​ 
Meet one-on-one in our Private Studio Boutique with our design specialist.
Bring any inspiration for your design with you to your appointment.
During your consultation design, fabric & budget are discussed.

Brides & Grads should make sure to book your consultation at least 6 months prior to your wedding date. For all other consultations make sure to book with adequate time if you do decide to go ahead with a custom design order.

During your initial consultation with our designer we will discuss your design, fabric and color options along with your budget, so come prepared for your consultation with any ideas you have and we can make sure to work with you to come up with the best possible design for you.

Once your initial consultation is complete we will put together a quote for you which can take anywhere up to 2 weeks depending on the design. Once your quote is ready a second appointment will then be scheduled at the boutique to go over your quote, take full body measurements & place the order. Make sure to come prepared with appropriate undergarments so you are comfortable for accurate measurement taking. We generally suggest lightweight leggings and a light camisole.

Custom Design Services
We are a full-service boutique that includes all Custom Design, Inspiration & Re-Make services.

Custom Bridal Gown Orders can take a minimum from 3-4 months to create once ordered. 

All other custom design orders start at a minimum of 45-60 days for basic wardrobe items like tops, pants and skirts and can take anywhere up to 2-3 months for Bridal Party Dresses, Grad Dresses & Evening Wear.​

We do accommodate Rush Orders if we are able to which are ALL orders requested within 30 days.

POP-IN Shopping
Call us anytime to book a 'POP-IN SHOP APPOINTMENT' at our Private Studio Boutique. We may be by 'appointment only' but if were in & don't already have a customer in or in the middle of a fitting your welcome to swing by with 5 minutes notice! If your looking for some jewelry or to check out our latest hand-made designs, give us a shout!
Shop, order from the collection & have your items tailored for you all during your visit.


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